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As a Professional Organizer (NAPO Member/NAPO-GA Chapter Secretary), we will assist those who wish to gain order in their daily environment.  We work with the client in a manner that suits their lifestyle.  All methods of organizing are explored and implemented in a way that the client(s) can easily maintain and feel daily accomplishment.

We specialize in organizing both individuals and entire family units by educating the client(s) on organizational systems, tips, and tricks. We strive to provide a harmonious balance through organization for both the individual and entire family units. AOU does not specialize in hoarder situations but will review each hoarder request on a case-by-case basis.

AOU Method

A – Analyze:  Allows AOU to review the space and formulate a strategic plan of implementation and successful execution of organizational systems.

O – Organize: This process occurs with both AOU and the client walking through their daily routines and then begin to declutter the space using the KDT Method – Keep, Donate, Trash – while continuing the process of being able to make the space functional for the individual and entire family unit by implementing organizational systems and specific homes for items to live.

U – Utilize: Once the space has been organized the client will be able to enjoy and utilize the room for its intended purpose(s).

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